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We offer a new and different dinner every week.

Pick-up is available on Bainbridge Island
on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

Now: Pick-up is available at the Bremerton Counter 
on Saturday's.
See what is on the menu this week!

We have Polenta Lasagna Everyday!

Past Dinners

Here is how it works…

Each week we prepare a different delicious meal for you to pick up on Thursday, Friday, and /or Saturday. Each weekly menu offers a couple of choices including some wheat-free and vegetarian. Our dinners vary from nostalgic home cooking such as Meatloaf, Beef Stroganoff, and Mac & Cheese to meals with international flares such as tamales, Osso buco, and lasagna to gourmet meals such as Beef Bourgonion and Duck Confit.

Our chefs are planning, sourcing locally, chopping the fresh veggies, sautéing, baking, and preparing a new, interesting and delicious dinner every week.

THE MENU Members are sent the menu by text Wednesday morning.
Choose what you want from that menu. Your choice will be between 2-3 delicious home-cooked entrees, aside, a salad, soup, or bread from the bakery, and of course, desserts! Choose none, one, or choose them all.

THE ORDER  We now have our dinner club meals available for online ordering.  Reply to the text with your order. Just tell us…
1) What you want for dinner
2) Which day you will pick up (Thursday, Friday, or Saturday)
3) What time you will be coming by for pick up
4) If you want your meal warm and ready to eat or will be heating it up later.
You can order anytime between the time you get the menu until Saturday night at 6 pm

THE PICKUP   Come by, get your dinner & pay at pick up.
If you have preordered you can pick it up as late as 6 pm.
We can also take your order online, over the phone & walk-in orders.
Need to add a dinner or change your pick up time, just text to let us know.

OTHER DETAILS You don't have to be a member of our Dinner Club to order.  


As a member, our texting line is open to you. That means you can order via text, ask questions about upcoming meals, and communicate with us all via text.

  • Pre-ordering is not required but please keep in mind that we may sell out of certain items, and they may not be available on a walk-in basis. So, let us know as soon as you have decided to join us for dinner, we want no sad faces. 

  • Taking a prepared meal to a friend or relative is a great way to show support 

  • Please choose your specific pickup day & time via the drop-down menu, located below each dinner entree you order . 

  • Our dinners are prepared and packaged cold with the intent that your meal will be best enjoyed with heating just before serving. Our dinners are designed with VERY simple reheating instructions. Most of the time 8-20 minutes in the oven on a sheet pan is all that is required. If you put foil or parchment down first, there isn’t even a mess to clean up! 

  •  We can also help you keep your freezer stocked!  Many of our dinners are perfect for freezing so they can be enjoyed any day.

  • If you would like your meal served warm and ready to eat, we can do that also. Just leave us a special note at checkout. 

Four ways to order your dinner club meal…

1| ORDER HERE  and pay online for quick contactless pick- up!

2| Reply to our Dinner Club text 

3| Call Us (206)-201-3297 at the Deli!

4| Just come in, we always try to make extra so we have some for last-minute folks. 

                  Pick -UP at the Sweet Dahlia on Bainbridge Island, Washington.


Please know, that your order has been prepared & packaged with the safety of you and our employees in mind, carefully and safely in our commercial kitchen.

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