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Our Story

So you can get to know us a little better I’d like to share a few things that you may not know about us.


Chris is our executive Chef and in charge of our bakery. Chris is an excellent chef with an extensive background as a Chef; don’t let his reserved side fool you. He spent several years as the Pastry Chef for a large ski resort in Lake Tahoe and he was the Sous Chef for the top catering company, Paula Le Duc, in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost ten years. There he created meals for some of your favorite musicians and movie stars and worked with amazing chefs like Julia Child, Alice Waters & Jeremiah Tower.  He has been to Skywalker Ranch, more than once, to cook for George Lucas and his family. He has catered hundreds of weddings with thousands of guests. One notable wedding client was Gina Davis. He catered her second wedding, I think, but who’s counting. As far as musicians go he has cooked for artists ranging from Lou Rawls to Metallica.
I (Stacey) am in charge of the business side of things at Sweet Dahlia. I am a certified counselor and Board certified in Biofeedback. I have treated hundreds of people using biofeedback and psychophysiological techniques. specialized in peak performance training and stress management and believe me …I put those skills to use running, growing and expanding the bakery while raising our children. My business experience includes managing several private practices,


running and designing software for our company. My daughter India was taken off dairy then wheat and soy on Halloween day when she was 5. We quickly emerged into the world of gluten free alternative cooking and have never looked back!


We felt it was important that our children to have an education that extended beyond the four walls of a schoolroom. Our kid’s package products work the farmers markets, wash dishes and are learning the ropes where they have an interest.
We love Washington and our proud to call Kitsap county our home. We source our ingredients as local as possible to support our neighbors in our community. Give to our local food banks and donate products to support programs that help our community’s children.



Our Awesome Team

Left to Right- Robbie and Cameron.


We are very proud to be a member of the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce.


Customer service is very important to us. We have an old fashion approach to getting to know our customers and the people who we come in contact with in our daily interactions.


Thanks for trying our Sweet Dahlias creations, stop in and say hello.


Stacey Wadkins
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