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 Join Dinner Club

We would love for you to become apart of our Sweet Dahlia Dinner Club.

Here is how it works…


Each week we plan a different delicious meal available for take-out on Thursday and Friday’s. Each menu offers a couple of choices including wheat-free and vegetarian choices.

Our dinners vary between nostalgic home cooking such as Meatloaf, Beef Stroganoff and Mac & Cheese to meals with international fare such as tamales, Osso buco, and lasagna to gourmet meals such as Beef Bourgonion and Duck Confit.  Our chefs are planning, sourcing locally, chopping the fresh veggies, sautéing, baking and preparing a new, exciting and delicious dinner every week.

THE MENU    Dinner Club members are sent the menu Wednesday morning by text

Choose what you want off that menu.  Your choice will be between 2-3 delicious home-cooked entrees, a side, a salad, soup or bread from the bakery and of course, desserts! Choose none, one or choose them all.


THE ORDER    Reply back to the text with your order.  Just tell us…

1) What you want for dinner

2) Which day you would like to pick up (Thursday, Friday &  Saturday)

3) What time you will be coming by for pick up

4) If you want your meal warm and ready to eat or you will be heating it up later.

You can order anytime between the time you get the menu until Saturday night at 7:45 pm.


THE PICKUP    Come by get your dinner & pay at pickup

If you have pre-ordered, you can pick up as late as 7 pm

We can also take your order over the phone or walk-in. We make extra but we do sell out so it best to let us know as soon as your sure!

Need to add another meal to your order? Need to change your time ? Just text us and let us know!


THE TIMING     How easy!

Dinner sounds good, text us your order right away! To busy to think about just then or your not sure what’s happening yet. Wait until you have dinner plans figured out, and then send a order text or call in your order.  Not going to work for you this week? 

Not a problem, do nothing. No text or weekly payment required!


You forgot to pre-order all together, just show up, see what we have left. We are planning for the fact that life happens.


In fact, we built a lot of flexibility into our dinner club for that very reason. Our intention is to offer good food and support our community club members. We want our kitchen to feel like an extension of your kitchen. Not in a cliché kind of way, but in the real way, in which you know dinner is ready!  


Dinner is ready in the face of life’s ups and downs.

Dinner is ready fast, but it's not fast food.

Dinner is ready as you juggle of caring for ourselves and for others.

Dinner Club is our alternative!

Previous Dinner Club Menus:

Pick-Up at Our Retail Bakery
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